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Edition 16 - August 21st 2018

Get to know your Podcast host! Max Altschuler shares his story, lessons on how to hack your career to gain success and why working a job you hate might be good for you.

Hey Career Hackers!

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Weekly 6, where I go into 6 things I’m pumped on this week.It’s a lovely morning as I write this hanging in San Francisco sipping my morning SUTRA, and expressing gratitude for the work I get to do day in and day out.

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This Weeks Life Update

For the next few weeks I’ll be bouncing between San Francisco and Seattle taking care of business through Dreamforce, our big industry sales and marketing software conference. If you’re in either place, get in touch! I’ll be with the girlfriend and the two dogs and we’re always looking for good recommendations on things to do.

Quote of the week

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” –Bill Gates Co-founder of Microsoft

Relationship and business technology is here to support and amplify what people can do, but not fully replace them. When building processes that will be amplified by technology, make sure the process itself is good first, otherwise you will be magnifying a shitty process.

What I’m Thinking About

Internal locus vs External locus. We can control how we feel from within, not from what’s around us. If something gets a rise out of you whether it’s high, low, sad, angry, take a second to look deeper and understand why. You will be able to control your feelings and emotions better thus allowing you and only you to be the one who dictates how you react. You can see more from our Triggered exercise in this Newsletter.

Something New I’m Considering

Peloton. I’m a big Flywheel guy. Does anyone have experience with buying a Peloton and doing the classes at home? Worth it? Can you engage as easily? Do you do it more or less than going to class? Let me know @HackItMax on Instagram!

Product I’m Loving

My Sonos Play 1. I have 3 of them and they link together to create an amazing listening experience. Super easy to hook up and get started. It’s so well designed that it feels like an Apple product.

Books, Courses, Podcasts, or Educational Resources of the week

NPR How I Built This Podcast with Guy Raz. Really awesome to hear the stories about how some up and coming and already iconic brands were started. I really liked the Airbnb and Warby Parker stories.

And as always, please let me know your requests and suggestions on Instagram. What do you want more or less of? Let me know. Just send a Insta message to @hackitmax and put #TheWeekly6 in there so I can find it. See here for past Weekly 6 Editions.

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Have a wonderful weekend, all!



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