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Edition 3 - May 15th 2018

Learn how Kim Kaupe created the fan package company ZinePak, what businesses are recession proof, and why you should be listening to Gryffin.

Hey Career Hackers!

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Weekly 6, where I go into 6 things I’m pumped on this week.

It’s a lovely morning as I write this from Ogunquit, Maine, sipping my morning SUTRA, and expressing gratitude for the work I get to do day in and day out. I’m excited to get out there and eat a million and one lobster rolls!

Hope you enjoy!


1. This Week’s Podcast – Kim Kaupe, Co-Founder of ZinePak

Kim Kaupe is the co-founder of ZinePak, a custom publication company that creates engaging fan packages for entertainers, brands, and celebrities. She graduated with a B.A. in marketing from the University of Florida and was named Outstanding Alumni of the Year in 2014. Most recently, she was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30. Previously she was named to Advertising Age’s 40 Under 40 List and featured in The Wall Street Journal’s Start Up of the Year Documentary.

Hear what she learned from her time on Shark Tank where she walked away with a deal, but didn’t end up taking the money.

Listen to the podcast now!

2. Quote of the week

“It’s the devil you know, versus the devil you don’t.” – Unknown

I’ve been using this quote a lot lately, as entrepreneurs and professionals of all sorts tell me about what else they could be doing.

Often times we yearn for the things we don’t have. We wish for our situations to be different, but we don’t know what comes with those other situations. This quote is similar in meaning to, “the green is always greener on the other side,” but makes you think about the negatives more than the positives of the two situations, which is helpful in understanding that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Next time you find yourself thinking about having what someone else has, remind yourself about all of the good things you’d be giving up and what some of the negative things that come with their situation might be.

3. What i’m thinking about

Recessions, and what businesses are recession proof. Meaning, when someone has less money or is weary of spending in general, what will they still spend money on day to day or week to week? I think someone might spend less money on going out to nice dinners or on lavish vacations, but will still spend $8 per day on their morning Blue Bottle latte.

The top industries that come to mind are ones that would affect or deal with your children, pets, sleep, death, coffee, and pawn or cash for goods businesses. Can you think of others?

4. Trying something new

Beautiful.ai is a new company changing the Powerpoint and slide presentation game. I do a lot of slide decks, and they make it easy create stunning and professional slide presentations without any design expertise. It’s like Canva, but for presentations.

5. what I’m listening to

One of my favorite up and coming artists is GryffinLast year his song Whole Heart was like an anthem to me. It’ll always be the song that transports me to the memory of seeing the Northern Lights in Alaska. This year I’m jamming out to his new song Winnebago. He has a ton of other solid tracks, so if you’re into light house music, I highly suggest a listen.

6. what i’m Learning this week

How to ask good questions. I started listening to the Big Questions by Cal Fussman podcast because my good friend David Nihill said that’s where I should go if I wanted to learn how to ask questions the right way.

Asking good questions is so so so important, but is rarely taught. It completely changes your interactions and the quality of answers you will receive. It’s the difference between asking someone:

“Tell me about a time you failed.” 


“Tell me about a time you had your head in your hands, and a terrible feeling in your stomach, and you couldn’t believe you just failed so badly.”

The second question elicits a feeling. It brings them back. You will get a much deeper, real, authentic, and high quality response. This isn’t just for conversational purposes, but is also useful for outcome-based business discussions like understanding why someone made a business decision or thinks that’s the best way about solving a problem.

And as always, please let me know your requests and suggestions on Instagram. What do you want more or less of? Let me know. Just send a Insta message to @hackitmax and put #TheWeekly6 in there so I can find it. See here for past Weekly 6 Editions.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!



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