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Edition 4 - May 22nd 2018

Check out this weeks podcast with Justin Mares Founder of FOMO, learn what qualifies as a 'side project', and why 'Bad Blood' should your next read.

Hey Career Hackers!

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Weekly 6, where I go into 6 things I’m pumped on this week.

It’s a lovely morning as I write this from Southampton, Long Island, sipping my morning SUTRA, and expressing gratitude for the work I get to do day in and day out. I’m excited to get out there and do some yoga on the paddleboards!


1. This Week’s Podcast – Justin Mares, Founder of Fomo and Author of Traction

Justin lives and breathes building businesses, and is always finding ways to spin them up and make them successful in short periods of time. He sold his first company to Rackspace. Then wrote a book on how to get traction for any company fittingly called, Traction. As a side project he started another successful tech company called Fomo for ecommerce stores which is doing close to 7 figures in annual revenue. Add two successful CPG companies Kettle and Fire and Perfect Keto and you’ve got a guy who knows what he’s doing. Justin brings the detail in this very how-to style episode.

Learn how to start and run multiple successful companies at one time (hint: you need operators).

Listen to the podcast now!

2. Quote of the week

“It’s not the lack of resources, but your lack of resourcefulness that stops you.” – Tony Robbins

I love this quote because it’s just so true. There are a lot of people in this world who started out poor and became rich. They didn’t have resources, but they became resourceful. Here’s an article that showcases 17 different billionaires who grew up poor.

So think of this next time you bring up an excuse as to why you can’t do something. Sometimes having nothing to lose is the best place to start.

3. What i’m thinking about

Side Projects. I have a lot of people coming to me lately about working on side project or passion projects. I myself have a few. The more money you make and the more experience you get and the bigger network you build, the easier it becomes to pull off because you don’t have to do as much.

I can fund things, use my experience to create a strategy, and my network to build the team. Then just let them execute. But no matter where you are in your career, I think side projects are great. They teach you things you may not learn in your day-to-day and allow you to round out your expertise. Just make sure you’re not spending too much time on them. My personal limit now is 4 hours per week per project, and 8 hours total.

I talk about this more on LinkedIn here.

4. new product i’m into

I’ve been a big fan of this InstantPot pressure cooker. I actually received it as a birthday gift from my mom. I guess when you hit your thirties you start getting kitchen appliances. It was a great gift though. I had a slow cooker before and this completely blows it out of the water. We can make vegetable soups in minutes. My favorite dishes so far have been this Red Snapper Coconut Curry Soup and Sauteed Salmon with lemon, olive oil, and basil. Great new addition to the kitchen for health conscious cookers out there.

5. what I’m listening to

This Adam K and Soha playlist. Something about the repetitive, fast paced, but somehow mellow sounds makes it easy to crank away on work. It really gets me in a zone. I used to listen to them when I was back in college and they popped up again recently with a new song on SiriusXM BPM Radio, so I went down a rabbit hole and found this playlist.

6. what i’m reading this week

The book Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies of a Silicon Valley Startup, which is the story of Theranos and how a blood testing health tech company worth $10 billion dollars was actually a complete fraud. I’m been living in the tech space for the past 7 years so I love real life stories like this. Another favorite of mine in line with real life tech stories is the book American Kingpin: The Epic Hunt for the Criminal Mastermind Behind Silk Road, which was about the man who started an online black market that used Bitcoin to buy and sell illegal drugs, weapons, and more.

And as always, please let me know your requests and suggestions on Instagram. What do you want more or less of? Let me know. Just send a Insta message to @hackitmax and put #TheWeekly6 in there so I can find it. See here for past Weekly 6 Editions.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!



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