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The Weekly 6 Newsletter is a real time glimpse into the life of Max Altschuler. Every week he’ll share with you his Top New Career Hacks, Quotes He’s Pondering, Deep Thoughts, Products He’s Testing, What He’s Listening To, What He’s Watching, What He’s Reading, Where He’s Visiting, Something New He’s Trying, and much more. Plus, you’ll get first access to new podcasts, content, and special deals. By signing up for the Weekly 6 Newsletter, you will only receive one weekly newsletter. No spam or sales pitches here.

Edition 6 - June 5th 2018

Get to know your Podcast host! Max Altschuler shares his story, lessons on how to hack your career to gain success and why working a job you hate might be good for you.

Hey Career Hackers!

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Weekly 6, where I go into 6 things I’m pumped on this week.

It’s a lovely morning as I write this back in Southampton, Long Island, sipping my morning SUTRA, and expressing gratitude for the work I get to do day in and day out. Be sure to check out my Insta Story to see more!!


1. This Week’s Podcast -Getting to Know Your Host, Max Altschuler

Max Altschuler serves as the CEO at Sales Hacker, as well as the Founder, Organizer, and Editor for Saleshacker.com, the Sales Hacker Conferences, and the Career Hacking Podcast. He is the CEO of the healthy coffee alternative superfoods latte ecommerce business, SUTRA. He is a startup investor and advisor in 55+ companies and specializes in seed and series A stage B2B companies. He’s the best selling author of “Hacking Sales” and his most recent book, “Career Hacking for Millenials” is available at Amazon.com. In this episode, get to know Max a little better, and hear his story about how he landed where he is today.

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2. career hack of the week

Offering people value by sharing their wisdom with your network is a great way to further build your network and brand. You can do this by asking them to contribute to an article of yours on your personal site or your company’s site. Or have them engage with you in a webinar or podcast is a similar fashion.

I wouldn’t shoot for huge names right away. I’d stay within the niche you’re trying to build your career around.

The key to working with busy people is making it easy for them. I detail the Do’s and Don’ts in my LinkedIn post here. Check it out and use it to start building your authority asap!

3. What i’m thinking about

The Five Love Languages. Ever heard of them? It’s an assessment that believes everyone likes to receive love in two of these five different ways.

They are,

Physical Touch – Hugging, rubbing, kissing.

Acts of Kindness – Doing chores, etc.

Quality Time – Just spending time off your phones and engaged.

Words of Affirmation – Saying things to your partner like “I love you”, “you look beautiful today”, etc.

Receiving Gifts – Jewelry, Clothes, etc.

Personally, I respond most to Acts of Kindness and Words of Affirmation. Understanding how myself and then my girlfriend like to receive love have helped greatly in strengthening our relationship. I highly recommend learning more about this to anyone in a romantic relationship.

4. what i’m wearing

Stance Super Invisible low cut socks. I wear a lot of loafers, drivers, and low shoes and am not a fan of socks sticking out at all. Maybe it’s the era and neighborhood I was raised in but that was never cool. I’ve always been a low-cut sock guy but when I found Stance I knew I found the right ones. They are cut low enough to stay hidden with loafers or boat shoes and stay on the heel without clumping up under your foot.

5. what I’m listening to

We’re finally back to our house in the Hamptons, so I’m excited that I get to listen to my Sonos sound system setup again. I’ve been putting people on lately to the Chef Soundtrack. First of all, if you haven’t seen the movie Chef and you like food, you should do that asap. Second, the soundtrack is great for every occasion, especially cooking dinner or having drinks at sunset. We play it all the time out east and our guests always comment on it. My favorite is the C.R.E.A.M Remix by El Michels Affair.

6. what i’m reading this week

Pill City: How Two Honor Roll Students Foiled the Feds and Built a Drug Empire. Earlier this year I read American Kingpin (awesome book btw), which was the story of Silk road, the online black market that facilitated the sale of hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of drugs across the world.

Pill City is focused on the story behind the opioid epidemic in Baltimore starting with the robberies of around 50 pharmacies during a 25-hour period on April 27th and 28th of 2015 that led to approximately $100 million worth of opioids flooding the market. All led by two tech savvy teenagers.

I’m only part of the way through it but so far it’s equally entertaining as it is fascinating from psychological, societal, and economic points of view.

And as always, please let me know your requests and suggestions on Instagram. What do you want more or less of? Let me know. Just send a Insta message to @hackitmax and put #TheWeekly6 in there so I can find it. See here for past Weekly 6 Editions.

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Have a wonderful weekend, all!



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